Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Mable

Phil and I went camping this last weekend for three nights, it was great. We bought a Big Mable and wanted to see some kids ride on it and it just so happened that Jason brought Mikey, Jay and Charlea out to wake board with their new boat. Phil and I were really hoping the boys would ride on it and let us know what they think about the Big Mable. We tagged along to watch the ride. Mikey and Jay got on the Big Mable and Jason whipped them around pretty good. They hit a wake and Jay flew over the top of Big Mable into the water. It looked pretty fun, of course I was sitting in the boat. Next it was Charlea's turn to ride so Jason put her on between the boys. We were pulling them behind the boat and Charlea was brave holding on with one hand. The boys were getting bored so I signal for them to stand up and they did. Then they started to move around and the front of the float went under the water and Mikey got off balance and flew off, Jay falls down to the float and Charle is hanging on for her life (chaos). Jason stopped the boat and and we reel the float in and Charlea climbs in the boat and starts yelling at Jason, hands on her hips, for the chaos that just happened. Jason's jaw dropped open because he had no idea what was going on. It was a Kodak moment.

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