Friday, August 7, 2009

Fairy Skirt

How to make a Fairy Skirt without sewing

I love the Tulle you can buy on a spool, its about 8"
and you just unroll it and cut it to your desired lenght.
I cut it at an angle to give it a wispy fairy look.

I used Matte Tulle-Dusty Rose and Sparkle Tulle-Apple green.

My granddaughters waist is 21" and I gave her 24" ties

so I cut a piece of ribbon 69" long. I wanted the skirt lenght

to be right at her knees, so from her waist to her knees is

10", I added 2 " for the knot and it will be folded at the center

so my tulle needs to be 22" long, tip to tip. Since the pink is matte

and the green sparkles, the green over powered the pink so

I tied on 2 pink to 1 green. Fold the ribbon in half and place the

fold under the ribbon. Take the tulle ends and fold them over

the ribbon and through the fold at the other end.

Pull the ends until the tulle tightens around the ribbon but

not so tight that it scrunches the ribbon. But wait, every fairy

needs wings, a crown and a wand...back to the craft room.

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