Friday, October 2, 2009

Flower Headband

I made this flower head band for my friend's granddaughter. The baby dosen't live in Texas (awwwww) so I made the head band adjustable. My grandson's head (who is older) measures 17" so I made the headband so it would fit a baby with a head 16"-18". I sewed the lace and ribbon together and then turned the ends under and sewed them down for clean ends. On one end I sewed 3" of the loop (soft) velcro, on the other end I sewed 1" of the hook (rough) velcro. Done. I took a flower apart and hot glued it back together with a jewel in the center. I took the plastic pieces out of the flower so when I glued the flower back together I cupped the sides up so it would keep it's shape. I hand stitched the flower onto the headband, so it wont scratch the baby. I can't wait to see this on her. Now I'm off to make one for my niece's daughter.

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