Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nestle Toll House Cookie Plate

So, I got this e-mail from Nestle saying if I send in 3 UPC codes and receipts they would send me a free cookie plate. This looked like fun so I decided to send off for the plate. Sure enough this plate arrives in the mail with an instruction card and a Sharpie marker. See the second photo, this is Sam, Amy and Alec modeling the plate for me. So I made some Haystack cookies and hand them to my son-n-law. I told him Sarah (My daughter) had to make some cookies, log the cookies in and pass the plate or I would give it to someone else. My sweet son-n-law looked at her and said, Oh, she will do it....that was my plan. Now occasionally I will log into and type in my plate #001359 and see where my plate has been and where it is now. With the Sharpie marker I wrote the e-mail address on the back of the plate and the plate number. This is so fun.

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