Monday, November 23, 2009

Baptismal and Dedication Bracelets

I am so Blessed. My Daughter was Baptised November 15th and I had two grandchildren Dedicated the next weekend. To commerate the occasions I made each one of them a bracelet and a tag to remember the date. For my daughters bracelet I used monofilament thread. I thread on two charms, pearl  and silver beads and knotted the ends on. I used clear nail polish to secure the knots.
For my grandchildrens bracelets I used 1/8" ribbon with crosses, pony bead letters and beads with wide holes to get the ribbon through. You would think the ribbon would go through easily because it is very thin ribbon but it doesn't. I took a 4" piece of 18 guage wire, bent it in half and placed the ribbon through it so I could thread the beads on. See the bottom picture. I tried some of my tiny needles but they were all to large to fit through the holes on some of the beads. I didn't want to use the monofilamnt for the kids bracelets because I was afraid they would pull on them and break them and eat the beads.

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