Monday, November 9, 2009

Grocery Cart Cover for a Baby

My niece asked if I could make a grocery cart cover for her baby daughter Emily. With the Swine Flu going around and babys putting everything in their mouths I thought "what a good idea". So I went on the internet and found a free pattern at The small tie on top is so she can tie toys on for Emily to play with. I tried it on a grocery cart and it was too small, My husband said throw it away and make a new one but I was determined to fix this one. I cut the side and added an extra piece. I was pretty pleased with the end result. This one has batting in it because Emily is just learning to sit up and if she falls over hopefully it won't hurt her....that is my theory. When I cut the leg flaps I only cut around the top and sides so there is a flap that hangs down. This one is brown with pink cute. I think my grandson needs one, he should be sitting soon. Oh yea, I almost forgot it's reversable and machine washable.

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