Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This pin is made from 42" x 4" satin brown material. I folded the satin material over lenghtwise and ended up with a piece 42" x 2". I basted the bottom edge which gave it a ruffled look. Then I rolled one end about 4" to create the center of the flower. I sewed the center together at the bottom just pushing the needle through a few times. Then I rolled the ribbon loosely adding tucks and sewed as I went along. I hot glued a felt flower to the bottom which helps to hold the flower together and gives me a firm place to hot glue a pin on. I am going to make more of these, it was quick and easy. On the next one I might try to add folded gold tulle under the flower. I will probably have to shorten the ribbon on the flower. Maybe I should add a large flat burlap flower under the flower or maybe hot glue a jewel button in the center of the flower.

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