Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

-He can leave nice and naughty reminders, frozen because they have come from the North Pole
-Elves like to take pictures of themselves
-Elves like to read and he likes “The Night before Christmas” read to him.
-Put him next to things your kids talk about the day before as a reminder that he is listening
-For a birthday sit him next to the person’s photo
-They like to wrap gifts
-They will help with chores, put dishes away, clean kitchen
-The elves like to make snow angels in flour or fake snow
-He can make cookies while you sleep and he has been caught next to the bowl with the spoon licked clean and cookie crumbs all around him.
He’ll make gingerbread houses and leave icing & sprinkles so you can help.
He likes popcorn but he leaves a mess all around himself.
He will drink a mug of hot chocolate and sometimes he spills the marshmallows all over the table.
He can make pancakes for breakfast but he makes snow angels in the mix.
He will eat cereal and has been caught hanging half out of the box with cereal all over the table
-My elf was in the fridge eating a cold snack…he is from the North Pole.
-Elves like to make paper snowflakes, he has been known to be caught in the middle of the paper scraps with scissors in hand and he will hang the snowflakes above the table.
-My elf would hang extra Christmas lights around, in the bathroom, over the kitchen table, etc.
-My elf sometimes hides the children’s stocking, leaving clues.
-They like to make paper cup towers.
-He likes Christmas music and he likes it loud
-He likes to help decorate. You might find candy canes or tinsel all over the house.
-Elves like to make things for the kids. He will make a scarf by cutting fleece and he was caught with the scissors and scraps.
He sewed red bows and Christmas buttons to mittens, I saw him with a needle, thread, ribbon and buttons all over.
-Elves are mischievous:
-Play with the kid’s toys & games – tea party, Play-station, cards, He really likes to ride in Barbie cars or play with Lego’s
-The elves will wrap the living room in toilet paper
-They Hang underwear or socks on the Christmas tree
-They are caught climbing in the Christmas tree
-They will put toothpaste on the mirror
-They will be caught sitting on a pillow in driver seat of car with empty
food container because he went for a pizza or burger run
-Once they drove the car and parked it sideways in the driveway.
-He will try on your hats and gloves and hide all of your socks
-They will put all of the ornaments on one side of the tree
-If you have more than one elf, be careful, they have been known to have cotton ball snowball wars
-One time our elf unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper onto the floor.

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