Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nice and Naughty Christmas Spinners

 I made these Nice and Naughty spinners for Christmas. My nephew got one from his mischievous elf who kept telling Santa he had been bad. On the computer in Word, I printed the square and Name on red construction paper. On white construction paper in Word, I created the I've been Nice / Naughty with pictures of coal and candy canes. I cut it out with an 2 5/8" circle punch. With 2-sided tape I attached the circle to the square, and laminated them together. I punched a hole in the center and added a grommet. I found some spinners at Hobby Lobby that are held on with a brad. I would like to find some different spinners that have a top and bottom piece. I placed a smiley face sticker on the back to cover the prongs from the brad. I am going to make a bunch for next Christmas so all the kids will get one from their elf.

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