Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canvas Bag Tote

The Sister Circle group will be making canvas bag totes to carry our handbooks and other sister stuff. I wanted to decorate one first to see if I would have any problems. I sewed the fringe on first and the crosses have heavy duty two sided iron on fusing behind them. First let me say the felt will disintergrate when you place an iron on them, trust me. I placed a towel over the felt and it fused just fine but a small amount of color stayed on the towel. I added red brads and then fused the two crosses together, again using the towel. I turned the bag inside out and ironed the cross into place. I made a blue jean yoyo brooch to pin at the top. I thought about adding iron on jewels to the cross but after I ruined one cross I didn't have enough felt left over to test the iron on jewels. But it would have been Bling!! I think I would like to make a t-shirt using the same cross pattern. I will find some cute cotton material for the cross and then I will iron on jewels. Bling! Bling! Bling!

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