Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friendship Bracelets

This is for my niece, Laura. I hope you understand these directions but if you don't come visit me. On this friendship bracelet I'm using Floss, but I would like to make one with strips of material and see how that turns out. Anything that can be braided can be used. Yarn or twine would be cute also but floss comes in so many colors (school colors). This one is Waller Bulldog colors, silver, maroon and black. I measured off 18" of floss, my finished braid is about 16", plus you need extra for tying knots. I think 12" would be just about right for a wrist. You don't have to use these only for bracelets. How about tying it onto a book mark or use it as a key chain. First cut the length of floss you will need. Tie a knot at one end. I like to use a binder clip or clothes pin at the knot so I can hook or pin it onto something. Now you can start your braid. I have the maroon in the center, the silver on the right side and the black on the left side. Take the silver floss and lay it over the maroon (fig#3). Next take the black and lay it over the silver (fig#4) Take the right floss and lay it over the middle floss, take the left floss and lay it over the middle floss, repeat to the end. Make a knot at the end. Since this is a friendship bracelet it is meant to be given away. But that's OK, just make another one, make a bunch and spread the Love.

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