Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God's Boxes

I have two boxes which God gave me to hold. He said, "Put all of your worries and sorrows in the black box and all of your joys and happiness in the gold box". I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, both my worries and joys I stored. But though the gold box became heavier each day, the black box was as light as before. With curiosity, I opened the black box, I wanted to find out why....I saw, in the bottom of the black box, a hole, in which my worries and sorrows had fallen through. I showed the hole to God, and asked where could my worries and sorrows be? He smiled a gentle smile and said, "My child, they're all here with me". I asked God, why He gave me the boxes, why the gold box and a black box with a hole? My child, the gold box is for you to count your blessings and the black box is for you to let go.
I bought this box at the store, dabbed on some decoupage and wrapped it in brown ribbon. The ribbon wasn't on straight so a little more decoupage and a pink ribbon and no one will be able to tell. I made some pink felt flowers that I found on I cut the felt to 1" x 11", rolled, tucked and stitched. She has better directions on her site, check it out. I saw these felt roses and it looks pretty much like the other flowers without the tucks, try some. I made this worry / happiness box for our Sister Circle meeting. There's nothing greater than a group of Church women prayin' for something, Satan better step aside, Momma's prayin'.

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