Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make your own Iron-Ons

I ironed heavy duty fusing onto the back side of the heart and cross material using the manufacturers instructions. I traced the shapes onto the paper side of the fusing and then cut the shapes out. I bought the heavy duty fusing at Walmart in a roll and tried sewing through it and it really gummed up my sewing machine (don't try this at home). The iron-ons are washable but you should hang dry, the heat from the dryer might loosen the adhesive. Then I found this cute little gadget "The Mini Bedazzler". I set all of the rhinestones with it but you need to push the prongs all the way through the material before you Bedazzle it. If some of the prongs don't close completely just press on them with something hard like a thimble or with the tip of a screwdriver. I'm making one for myself but I want to use silver studs and the store was out of them, oh well, guess I'll have to go to the hobby store again, darn.

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