Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock

Hmm, what will I wear for Saint Patrick's Day? I have shirts with green in them and I have a long sleeve turtleneck shirt that is green, but what if it's hot. I have an about a green chenille pipe cleaner shamrock? I got this craft from and she has the instructions for paper boutonnieres also. You need to buy the green
chenille pipe cleaners like the one in the photo above. I used a highlighter to curl 3 of the wide parts of the pipe cleaner. The last wide part will be the stem, fold and squeeze together. Glue a charm (button, coin, charm or maybe a flower) onto the front and add a pin or 2-sided tape on the back so you can wear it. This is a pretty easy craft and cheap too. Place some charms in a bowl and let the kids pick which one they want for the shamrock.

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