Monday, April 19, 2010

Family Fun Night

I went to my grandson's school carnival

this past Saturday and I saw this basket in the auction and I just had to show everybody. It was titled "Family Fun Night" and it had about 15 games and puzzles in it. The last bid I saw was $130.00 what a deal. My daughter bought the animal basket and donated it back to her son's classroom, what a great mom. She makes cakes and put 2 - $60.00 certificates in the auction for decorated cakes and I almost forgot, she also worked the booth. Every Teacher should have 1 mom just like her "Go To Mom".
They had this water balloon burst, you throw
a ball, hit the bull's-eye and the balloon with water in it bursts and drinches the person below. Well I didn't know the kid in the chair so I told him I would pay a lot if he let my grandson sit there and let me throw the ball to get him wet, (see photo to the right) was worth every penny.

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