Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Day Baskets

May Day baskets can be given to friends and family, as well as taken to elderly neighbors or nursing homes. While fresh flowers and candy treats are usually left in the baskets, you can put other things as well. I think fresh flowers, a few tea bags and some little homemade cookies would be wonderful! One of the most popularly known May Day traditions is to hang a basket full of spring flowers, candy and/or other small gifts on a neighbor's doorknob. The trick is you don't want the neighbor to see you! If you get caught, you are supposed to get a kiss.
This would be a great idea for little one to put together and hand out to your elderly neighbors. So pick some wild flowers, make some cookies, and stamp on a paper bag, what a great way to teach your children kindness.

Go to and look under Holidays > Spring > Charming May Day Baskets, there you will learn a little more about May Day.

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