Friday, May 14, 2010

May Day Cups

The kids will be making these at Church this next Wednesday so I needed to test the mod-podge on the cups. I smeared mod-podge on the side of the cup and took a 12" strip of crepe paper and wrapped it around adding more mod-podge on top of the crepe paper and smoothing it down. I cut out some flowers with pink crepe paper and with a permanent marker I added some details. While the green paper is still wet I just placed the pink flower on and spread more mod-podge on top of the flower. I punched 2 holes in the rim, added a pipe cleaner handle, candy and paper flowers and then we will hand them out to some of the shut-ins and elderly. I spread the mod-podge on with my fingers, so I will be sure to take the baby wipes for all the messy little fingers. The mod-podge will smear regular markers so you have to use permanent markers.

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