Monday, June 14, 2010

Camp Fire Stories

When I was young our family had a huge
tent that we camped in and this is where my love of camping started. We had a Coleman stove, camp fires and we would explore all day long, if you got hot you just jumped in the lake. At night you would think it was so hot you couldn't sleep but after a whole day of exploring we slept like rocks. When my kids were young I bought a tent and we would go camping every weekend we could get away. I'm a little older now and we have a travel trailer but that doesn't mean we
sit in the trailer all day, I just sleep better. My nephew and I took a hike this past weekend and as soon as we got down the road we got a brief shower of rain. Really, it felt pretty good because there isn't much of a breeze in the woods. Now I had to sneak this hike in because that boy is a fishing nut. He even missed the camp fire at night so he could fish. He came back, had a snack and straight to bed so he can get up early and fish. I know its 90 degrees outside but I want to relax next to a campfire, how else do you burn marshmallows?

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