Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clay Horseshoe

I am having so much fun playing with clay and its so easy. I bought a pasta machine for clay, assorted small colors of clay and since you can paint it I bought a big white brick of clay. Knead your clay and make it thin enough to run through the pasta machine. I crumpled up some foil and then opened it back up and pressed it onto my clay, that gives it wrinkles or as I prefer to call it character. Now I took some dark brown acrylic paint and smeared it all over the top with my finger pushing it down into the character lines. Immediately with a wet paper towel wipe off the excess paint. I used E6000 to add the jewels
and cross after I baked it. The second horseshoe I pressed the studs into the clay and pushed a paper clip through the top for a hole before I baked it. I will be adding beads to the second horseshoe as soon as I make the beads. For the beads I will be using some transparent clay, I haven't worked with it yet but I've done some research on it and it sure looks like fun. I think I'll add a touch of glitter to them also for some southern gurl sparkle.

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