Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Growth Chart

When I was young my parents marked our growth on the back of a sliding door and I loved going back and looking at those marks. Well they sold the house and the marks now belong to someone else, so I make growth charts for the kids in the family so the charts can follow the family's from house to house. Each child gets their own at 1 year old and I personalize each one. My sister works for a printing company so I get the chart free...thanks Terri, then I add my own touches. For Emily I sewed a green ribbon down the front as a vine, I added flowers and jewels and then more jewels. I glue the flowers on with E6000 because I was hot gluing them on and they would start to fall off after a while and we can't have that. I stick to flowers and butterflies for the girls but for the boys I might go with a sports theme or train and train tracks. All you need is a black permanent marker and your ready to go, I mean grow!

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