Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quote Cube

What do you do with leftover pieces of a
4x4? Make Quote Cubes of course silly! My hubby cut the 4x4 into squares, the wood starts out as a 4x4 and then is sent through a planer so you need to measure it because it isn't exactly 4x4. I put some brown acrylic paint in a bowl and added a smidge of water so it was more like a paint wash and then I sponged it on. After it was dry I spread some Modge Podge on the top and added the quote I printed onto scrapbook paper. Spread some Modge Podge on top of the paper and then down the sides about half ways and let dry. Flip the cube over and Modge Podge the bottom and up the sides and
let dry. Now you can add jewels, buttons or just about anything with hot glue. Did you say you only have a 2x4? That's OK, just cut it down and use it, maybe cut different sizes and put sticker letters on them to spell out your name.

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