Friday, July 16, 2010

Bishop's Growth Chart

I finally finished Bishop's growth chart and then it took me a few weeks to get it to him, he'll be grown before he gets to use it. At the two foot marker I started off with a felt teddy bear, at the three foot marker is a foam toy truck, the four foot marker has a cloth Superman emblem, the five foot marker has a foam baseball and the six foot marker has a guitar. I tired to keep the items age related with a few paper band aids and worms thrown in. The guitar is made out of clay, I printed out a guitar off of the computer and with an exacto knife I cut around the shape and with the edge of a ruler I made the impressions on the neck of the guitar and with a stamp I made the scroll impressions on the base of the guitar. I baked the clay according to the package instructions and then painted the top making sure the paint went down into the impressions. After the paint was dry I sanded the top leaving paint only in the impressions. I used E6000 to glue everything onto the chart and let me tell you that glue is good.

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