Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every Southern Gurl Should Have One of These!

Every Southern Gurl should have
one or two different umbrellas for those hot southern days when you can't be under the veranda sipping mint tea juleps. No, this umbrella is not for the rain, it's to make us look sweeter than we already are. Now the second umbrella might be for our ornery days, when we are feeling a little bit sassy and our dear sweet husbands should watch out. My husband wants me to warn him when I'm feeling that way but that takes all of the fun out of it, keeps him on his toes. Now what little girl wouldn't love having one of these and what are we but little girls at heart. Society tells us we can't do that any longer, you have to grow up but I say oh yes we can. The white lace is sewn on with a tiny white ribbon along
the top edge, when I got to the seam I would allow an extra 12" so I could tie bows there. The black trim around the second umbrella is actually two feather boas that I glued on with E6000 and I used clothespins to hold it in place until it dried. I love those boas but if you have to cut them, which I did, feathers fly everywhere. Now I think I'll make me some of those cute drink umbrellas to match, won't that be precious?

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