Thursday, July 22, 2010

Found Fairy Wing

I made this clay mushroom and set it in my garden so I could catch a fairy. It's not easy to catch a fairy, they only come out when the flowers are touched by the dew. So I didn't catch a fairy but I found a fairy wing and I couldn't wait to show my niece, nephew and grand kids. I took it to the pool party my sister was having and showed it to my grandson Payton, he snickered at me and said it looks like a locus wing and then he walked off, well fiddle dee dee! Next I showed it to my niece Alivia and her brother James and James wanted to touch it so I let him, luckily I pulled my hand down as he gouged it....little boys ugh! Sweet Alivia looks up at me and says "Did she die?" OK I was stunned, thankfully her mother was standing there and told her they fall off all the time and then they grow back. Wow, what a day, I need to go home and rethink my fairy ideas (stories) a little better.

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