Monday, August 9, 2010

What did you buy that for?

My husband should know better, but he
does it anyway. I bought this roll of designer Duck Tape so I can make some cute twist ties and my husband looks at it and asks what I am buying this for. Now he knows I'm using it for one of my craft ideas but he can't help himself, he has to ask.
I enjoy crafting so I took it with me on vacation along with some thin wire, you lay the wire on the duck tape and then fold the tape over it and cut it to about 1/4" wide and about 5" to 6" long, very easy and they are so darn cute.
My husband may laugh at this tape but when the Bimini top on our boat broke guess what he had to borrow from me. I'm glad it was under the material and wasn't visible, even I wouldn't have liked that. He is so lucky to have me.

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