Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rain-X is What We Do For the Ones We Love

There are certain products on the market that I absolutely love and Rain-X is one of them. You wipe it on your windshield, buff it off and when it rains it just beads off. You will be amazed at how well you can see in the rain. I have tried the anti-fog products but I would not suggest using those and do not put Rain-X on the inside of your windows. As soon as my daughter bought her car and brought it home I was outside putting Rain-X on her windshield. She is a teenage driver and I want to make sure she can see when she is driving, I worry about the others who don't have Rain-X on their windshield and can't see her. I put some on my mom's old car, when she bought her new car I took my bottle over there and she told me she was going to call me to see if I would put it on her new car, you betcha mom! If I ran the country I would make it a law that they have to put it on when you get your vehicle inspected. You have to have your kids in a booster seat in the car until their 4' 9" tall but who cares if your mom can see? I care!!! I apply it on the family's vehicle twice a year and we use Rain-X windshield fluid. The windshield fluid alone is not good enough and it only takes me about 5 minutes per vehicle. So....for the ones you love and care about use Rain-X. No, I do not own stock in Rain-X but I wish I did!

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