Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smoked Paprika

I have been seeing this new spice in a lot of recipes and I decided to try it out. Walmart didn't have it the first time I looked but it was there the other day so I grabbed a jar of it, Smoked Paprika. The first time I remember using Paprika was when I was younger and my mom asked me to sprinkle some onto her deviled eggs, that is the only food item I ever remember using it on. Well let me tell you this Smoked Paprika is fantastic, I made some deviled eggs and sprinkled it on top and WOW! Then I mixed some in my hamburger meat then made patties, another WOW, and just this morning I sprinkled some on my scrambled eggs.....WOW! If you come to my house for dinner expect some Smoked Paprika on everything I cook, I'm going to try it on chicken next. Did I mention the smell? You can actually smell the smokey flavor which adds to the whole experience. I used to use Hickory Smoked salt on a lot of the foods I made but it became harder and harder to find and that is what this reminds me of. Grab a jar and let me know what you use it on.

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