Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love Summer....but

Summer is my favorite time of the year, I am a wuss and I can not handle the cold. But when I walked outside this morning I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was 68 degrees and it just makes you want to stay out doors. The other day I read a list this woman had posted, now I presume she lives up north and it is probably a lot colder than it is down here in Texas, so I decided to make up my own list.....

These are a Few of My Favorite Fall Things.

1. Sipping hot spiced cider on a blustery afternoon.
2. The way my house smells when I’m baking cookies.
3. Trick or Treat hayrides
4. Big fluffy warm house shoes
5. Orange pumpkins sitting all in a row.
6. Dipping sliced apples in warm ’n' buttery caramel sauce.
7. Pulling out my winter clothes
8. Wrapping my self in a blanket and having a cup of coffee on the porch
before breakfast
9. Hot cocoa with marshmallows
10. Sitting around a fire ring in the brisk evening air.
11. Watching the leaves dance in a gust of wind as I drive along a
country road
12. Gazing in awe at a harvest moon.
13. Long lazy walks with the sun warming you all over.
14. The way the light turns a golden-honey color at the end of the day.
15. Warming my family with a steaming bowl of my soup
16. Going to Fall festivals with your friends.
17. Wearing my rubber boots and colorful knitted scarves.
18. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!
19. Climbing into a cold bed with a big fluffy quilt over you and waiting
for the warmth of your body to sink in
20. Decorating my house for Fall!!

21. Apple Pie and Pumpkin Spice Roll
22. Rake up the leaves and jump in them

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