Monday, November 22, 2010

Gobble up that Turkey

I just waana gobble this turkey up, isn't he cute? Keri and Haeley made these for our Thanksgiving dinner at Church and they were the hit of the party. So Keri proceeds to tell us she sends her husband searching our small town for candy corn....I'm thinkin You sent your husband for candy corn???? We just had Halloween how hard can this be? Well I went to Walmart and guess what, they didn't have any either and the striped round cookie was red for Christmas. Now how would my turkey look if I used a red cookie? My first thought is he would like someone just killed him for dinner, so I will not be making these this year but I wanted you to see hers. There's a rectangle cookie bottom, a marshmallow body, a red hot for a waddle, a candy corn head and a round cookie for the tail feathers and they use frosting to glue it all together, too cute. So on my blog I am apologizing to Doug for doubting his candy corn finding abilities.

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