Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby Scrapbook Calendar

I bought this calendar at WalMart, it is a Baby's First Year calendar, the pages are blank and you start the calendar when the baby is born. I buy the calendars, take the staples out and take them apart. Using my cutter I cut the pages apart and I cut off the center part that had the staples in it, now my page is about 11 7/8 tall. I bought a scrapbook to place the pages into, it only comes with 10 pages so I had to add a few more pages to complete the calender. I love these scrapbooks because you can add additional pages if you need to. The first page of the scrapbook should be the last days before the baby is born, maybe a photo of Mom and Dad just before the birth and some journaling about
preparations and anxiety's. Turn the page and this should start the baby's first month, the book I'm working on now should start in March but she is due at the end of March so it could be a April baby. If the baby is born at the very end of the month I will add another calendar page at the end of the scrapbook. The first month page is always special and reads "His first breath took mine away". So if he's born in March or April that will be his title page but if he's not born in March his page will be about St. Patrick's day, if he's born in March his April page will be about Easter. The calendar comes with stickers to place on the page, month name stickers and firsts stickers you have to fill in the rest. I will add some poems and stickers to use if it fits the occasion. My favorite poem is the "my blankie and me", I believe every child should have a favorite blankie and when you wrap it around them they should feel safe like God wrapping you in Angel wings. I also send stickers for doctor visits, I try to make it easy for his Mom, just fill it in and place it on the calendar. Plan a end of the month scrapbook time to stop and fill in the calendar. Keep a notebook handy and jot down special notes during the month, take a zipper baggie and throughout the month place items in the bag that you might want to add to the
scrapbook. all of these things will make your baby's calendar unique and special. When they've grown, how fun it will be to sit and take a look at their first year.

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