Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birth Month Calendar Page

Since Wyatt is due to arrive at the end of March this will be his March page. If he decides not to show up until April this will be his April page and I will have to make another March page. I printed the title "His first breath took mine away" on gray paper, tore it and inked the edges. I tore the blue paper, distressed and inked the edges. I took a stencil I had and inked the design onto the blue page, I use a makeup sponge to apply the ink through the stencil and on the edges of all my pages. I used tape to adhere the papers onto the black page and then I placed tiny brads at the bottom for that extra touch. When I use stencils I mask off around the design I like so I don't accidentally ink through the other design, you think to
yourself I won't do it but then you do. TRUST ME!!!!

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