Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Blanket

I love baby blankets and I believe every baby should have a favorite one that they drag everywhere. A blanket is made of Angel wings that God wraps you in, it comforts and soothes you, I make them for adults also. This one is for my nephew Wyatt, he isn't born yet and I hope his parents don't change their mind about the name. My dad passed away almost two years ago so Wyatt won't ever meet his Papa, but He will carry a part of him every where he goes. The blue material on the airplane is part of one of my dad's shirts. I thank Peggy Albert for the idea, she told me her niece saved some of her grandmothers night gowns to make a blanket...awwww. I have a Blankie poem that will go with it.

my blankie & me

this is my favorite blankie since the day i was born, it's dirty, thin and frayed and just a little torn. mommy tried to trick me to wash out all the grime but I sneak it from the laundry just in the nick of time. someday i will be brave enough to put my cherished blankie away. when i've grown, in my scrapbook i will see pictures of my treasured blankie that was so special to me.

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