Friday, March 18, 2011

My Rockin' Horse

I love this little rocking horse, he is so cute, I bought this file from Little Scraps of Heaven Design. I inked the paper and gave him a yarn tail. Then I had to come up with a poem / saying to go with it. I'm not very good at this but I always jot down what I want and then give it to Amy to re-write. Amy was born with the gift of GAB, she is good! She wrote a paper when she was a senior in High school that she won a scholarship for. Gift of GAB.
This cowboy's work is never done, he rises with the morning sun, he sets off on that long western trail, to haul the bad guys off to jail. He never feels lonely with that sky open wide, for he has his trusty friend by his side, a friend so huggable, loveable and sweet, a friend that offers a comfortable seat, he takes real good care of his friend of course, after all he sure loves his rockin' horse.
Is she good or what? I can just see a mom calling her son to dinner but he can't eat now, he is on his horse and his imagination can take him everywhere.

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