Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chocolate Easter Bunny

On Easter morning we would get up early and run to see if the Easter bunny had been there. There in the basket with his head sticking up above all the others would be a chocolate Easter bunny...yum. So here's to all of those chocolate Easter bunny's. I used two shades of green markers to draw the flower stems and leaves. I cut the tulip shapes and inked the edges brown. I made stamens with crepe paper, using a tan marker, I marked the edge and then cut it into 1/2" strips. I rolled the crepe paper between my fingers and it twisted into a tiny cord, see bottom picture. I glued the stamens onto the paper and placed the tulips on top. I needed a poem so I called upon Amy (my daughter) for help...I think she did a great job. The flowers in my garden look so neat, especially the tulips that smell so sweet. I have red ones and yellow ones and purple ones it's true, but as for my favorite I'd have to say it's blue. It attracts something special, a delightful noon treat, a little chocolate bunny with big chocolate feet. The bunny knows me and I sure know him, after all I try to steal a nibble every now and then!

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