Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Toy Trains

I love the song by the Forester Sisters "Little Toy Trains". I have a cassette from years ago and I've tried to buy a CD several times with no luck. This is the inspiration behind the first scrap book page. I purchased the SVG file from Treasure Box Designs "All Aboard". I think the bears are just precious. The second page is the cover page for Emma Grace. I printed a page using a font called Southern Accent at 120 pt. I taped the page to a light box, placed the scrapbook paper over the page and traced it with a ball point pen. I wish I had a printer that I could print on 12" wide paper but I don't. I practiced using an ultra fine sharpie marker but I found that the pen ink was darker than the sharpie marker or maybe it just soaked in and made it seem lighter. I don't particularly like my handwriting but this turned out fine and it's hard to mess up a font like that. It does add that personal touch!

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