Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Decision

The next page in the Marines scrapbook is titled "The Decision". Sam's decision to become a Marine and the month before she leaves. She had to be taken downtown to swear in with a group of other kids. Her sister Allison and her brother Mike were with her and took the pictures for me. Note to Marines: take a group photo and parents will buy it! We went to the Warrior Dash in Spring Texas and the Marines were there along with the
Sergeant who Recruited her,
Sergeant Eric Countryman. With a name like that it sounds like he was born to be a Marine. Sam's fifth great uncle was Davy Crockett so I guess it was in her gene's also, "Samantha Crockett", Remember the Alamo! In High School she was asked to go with one of her Teachers to demonstrate some of his weapons on Career Day, how cool was that? We were also invited to attend a Pool Function for all the young kids who were going to join after High School. Another Mom asked me which one was my son and I told her that's my daughter over there. She grabbed her chest and said "Oh my God". Yep, there not all boys out there but they are all
someones child. They had an
actual Drill Sergeant there who took the girls aside for a little talk, see the picture on the bottom with the girls faces in the ground! Train, Train, Train, wow it makes me tired just saying it.

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