Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Family Day MCRD

I have to say the Marines know how to fill your day. We drove all night, got there at 7am for the run and toured the base all day, Whew, I'm tired! We didn't even have to tell the boys to go to bed. The first page is the barracks, MY DAUGHTER KNOWS HOW TO MAKE HER BED. This is an accomplishment all by its self. The hats and garment bags were all in a neat row. I decided I would add a post mark for every location she visits while she is in the Marines, I tossed all of my envelopes but her sister had saved some and mailed them to me....YEA for Sarah. I also added the Rifle Creed, words for a Marine to live by. The second page was pictures taken in front of the Iwo Jima replica and in the Parris Island Museum. I trimmed down the parking pass and made a Military boot that has a pocket at the top. While we were in the museum, a Vet asked my Grandson Payton if he would like a pin, he was so proud, we were so proud.

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