Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Road Trip

Bootcamp is ending and it is time for Marine graduation. My two grandsons, my two daughters and I decide to go to the graduation in South Carolina....Road Trip!! South Carolina is a long way from Texas. I drive to my daughters house and she is writing on her van windows. My three year old grandson looks at me and says "look what my mom did", what a great way to start the drive. All the way to South Carolina and back we got thumbs up and honks, God Bless America and our Troops. My daughter gave me a shirt and a pin before we left on our trip, The shirt says "I may look harmless but I raised a Marine" and the pin said "I'm here to pick up my daughter" LOVE IT!! We left at noon, lost an hour going East, drove 17 hours and arrived in South Carolina, only stopping for gas and restroom breaks. My daughter Allison made us some hamwiches with cheese, we didn't have bread so the ham was the wrapper. We had movies and find the road object games. Snack, drink, snack some more. Melanie brought her I-Pad and took photos and Facebooked our trip as we were driving. We stopped for breakfast and to freshen up and arrived at the base by 7am. I cut the Interstate sign with a free file I found for my Cricut. I made the Highway sign in Microsoft Word and printed it on photo paper. I cut the footprints and the outline of the highway sign on my Cricut.

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