Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Days Binder

Ahhh, the First day of School!! This is the first day of school for many kids and their parents. We buy them new shoes, new clothes and all of the school supplies. We are ready for school to start. They are scared to death and you hold their little hand and smile. You smile to keep from crying. That is just the first day, they have to go back the next day! So before you load the little ones in the car for the first ride, take pictures. A first day of school picture. Take a picture of the new shoes, new backback, new lunch kit and if they will be riding the bus get a picture of the bus also. Buy a 3" - 3 ring binder, some heavy duty page protectors and a package of wide ruled paper. On the top of the page write "First Day of School", "Kindergarten". I used 2-sided tape to place the scrapbook paper on the ruled paper to show how you can place the photos. Print the pictures and cut out smaller photos of school supplies. I like the ruled paper because you can journal easily on it. You can add apple stickers, pencil stickers and school brads. The stickers can be placed on the outside of the page protector, like a 3-D look. The sheet protectors are a great size for awards. This binder has a clear front plastic sleeve. Let the kids write their name on it and decorate it. I kept a plastic zip-loc baggie to place special items into and at the end of the year I would choose what would go in the book. I would only keep one or two special papers from each year because you could fill this up in one year and you have twelve more to go. Now that Kindergarten is complete you have to start all over again, "First Day of School" "First Grade"!

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