Monday, August 8, 2011

The Transformation

We had a dinner for my daughter Sam just before she left for Bootcamp. This is her first step from Civilian to Recruit to United States Marine. She will take a bus from the airport to the base in South Carolina where she will meet a drill Sergeant who will inform her of her next step "Get Off My Bus". They will exit the bus and will find yellow footprints where they will line up. The Yellow Footprints, "Where Recruits stand in hopes of becoming a United States Marine". I printed out a map of the US to show the distance she has just taken from Texas to South Carolina. That girl is an awful long ways from home. When she signed up for the Marines they gave her a booklet that had the picture of the bus on it so I decided to make it a part of my layout. No longer a little girl, a Recruit. We received a form letter instructing us not to call her a Marine until she has earned it. The form letter was great, it helped the family with the do's and dont's to help her make it through and it was a tough 12 weeks for her but she made it. OohRah...

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