Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dragon's Lair

I saw a Dragon someone had made using paper mache and I thought to myself "I can do that". So I found two tomato cages and wired them together with pipe cleaners, isn't it colorful? Then I began to paper mache the cages, this took longer than I expected. I cut the newspaper into 2" strips, mixed some flour and water into a paste, dipped the strips into the paste and layered it onto the cages. Dry and repeat. The cages were about 3' long each and this took up quite a bit of space in my craft room. I sewed and stuffed a tail, at this point it was moved to the garage. I added Styrofoam spikes and wire for wings, the arms are cardboard and more paper mache. I received a lot of Styrofoam in a fund raiser box for my granddaughter and my sweet husband says do you think you could use this? Of course I can! So I layered 3 sheet of Styrofoam together with tacky glue and I used a steak knife to carve his head. I pushed his head onto the ends of the tomato cage and then I purchased a can of popcorn texture to spray on him. I
sprayed this can across the top of his back and then it was empty, if you need to patch a small area this can stuff is great but for a dragon it is worthless. So off to Lowe's to find a solution to add texture to my dragon....Wall Texture. We bought a box of texture and I thought it had a popcorn texture to it but it doesn't. You have to put it on and pat it if you want texture. So here I am
plopping this stuff on and patting it so this guy will have texture and it takes more than a few hours to do this. Finally it's time to paint him, I dabbed Umber Brown all over him....let dry.... dabbed black for character and glow in the dark for his eyes. I had some upholstery tacks so I placed them around his eyes. Hubby found some screw hooks in his garage and he placed them on the ceiling of the front porch and we hung him. I am pretty happy with the results but I will never try this again. I thought I had most of the items I needed to make him but to make him look good it required a bit more. The popcorn spray was $12.00, the Texture was $17.00, the Acrylic paint was $5.00, did I mention he sways when the wind blows...priceless.

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