Monday, October 17, 2011

Laura's Homecoming Mum

The night before I was going to work on the mum I
printed the letters CW on paper and cut a 1" circle
around it and it fit snugly into the bottle cap. I used the Glossy Accent and completely covered the paper, this will give it a clear bubble look, I let it dry overnight. I hot glued the bottle cap onto the tummy of the 3 1/2" teddy bear and hot glued him into the center of the flower. I cut 7 pieces of 6" red ribbon and crossed it at the bottom and hot glued it together. I hot glued the ribbon around the teddy bear. I cut 7 pieces of 6" gold wired stars and 6" red pipe cleaners, wind it around a skewer and hot glue it into the flower. I had two white discs, one to staple the ribbon to and the other to cover the staples. Staple so that the back side of the staples are all on one side. Hot glue some ribbon to the edge of the white card and then hot glue the flower onto the front of the card. Hot glue the other card to the back side of the stapled card. Cut off any excess flower stem and hot glue the stem so the flower doesn't come apart. I cut some vinyl letters on my Cricut and placed them on the ribbons. This mum will hang around her neck and probably hang to her knees.

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