Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Time Activities

Christmas Time
__Go to a farm and cut your own tree
__Light up the Night (Hang Christmas Lights)
__Dig out the Christmas CDs (play it loud & dance around)
__Don’t forget the Mistletoe……..a Kiss
__Heat up some scented oils……Evergreen…Cinnamon
__Pull out the Christmas Movies
__Put on a cap, mittens, make a Fleece Scarf and take a walk in the cold
__Light up that Fireplace/ Christmas Candles in front of a paper fireplace
__Mmmm Hot Hot Hot Chocolate…..with Marshmallows
__Slip into that holiday apron & host a Gingerbread / Cookie Swap
__Make and Share Wassail
__Go see Santa
__Go Christmas Caroling…FaLaLaLaLa
__Make Christmas Cards and mail those Christmas Cards early
__Get Wrap Happy (put on your Santa Hat & crank up the music)
__Make a batch of Cookie…..Just Because….Secret Santa
Teachers / Bus Drivers / Coaches / Old Friends & New
__Help collect food and Toys for Tots
__Dress up and go see a play or put one on …The Nutcracker
__Watch a Christmas Parade or be in one
__Go to the Library and get a new Christmas Book
__Brrrrrr…Go Ice Skating / Pretend Ice Skate
__Write a letter to Santa
__Make Garland / Wreath...Reindeer, Gingerbread Boys, Popcorn (Gifts)
__Santa Coloring pages, Mazes, Puzzles, Quizzes
__Make Naughty and Nice Lists (he’s checking em’ twice)
__Make a Snow Man -Clay or Marshmallow (pretzel arms, carrot nose, choc eyes)
__Hit the Parties
__Pick some secret pals, send notes and cookies all season
__Make and wear some Christmas jewelry / clothes
__Make some ornaments or decorations for the house (wreaths)
__Take a hay / car ride and look at house decorations at night
__How about new Christmas socks or PJs
__Santa Face Countdown / Paper Chain Count Down
__Make Reindeer Food (shredded wheat)
__Make your own Gift Tags (stickers, glitter, stamps, ribbons, pom-poms)
__Draw or cut out snowflakes (use lots of glitter)
__Pretend it’s snowing with white balloons / Make Beanbag Snowballs
__Gather Pine Cones and paint the tips white for a snowy effect
__Make foam and glitter snowflakes, then hang them in the window
__Modge Podge Christmas messages onto wooden block window sitters (Peace, Joy, Merry Christmas)

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