Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Job is Monotonous......Except Yesterday

My job is MoNotOnous! I'm sure most people feel this way, except for yesterday. The last week of December I was on vacation and the HR over the Mechanical shops stopped by my work and told the other ladies that I need to terminate one of the employees who has been on FMLA (Family Medical Leave) due to cancer treatments. When I returned to work at the beginning of January I had to work on the year end paperwork and didn't have time to get it done. When I had year end completed I had to contact one of the ladies at the corporate office to get the paperwork started for his termination. She is now on vacation. She gets back from vacation and the letter is sent giving him 5 days to return to work or he will be terminated, the date he had to return by is January 25th. I received a phone call that he had passed away on Sunday January 22nd. Now what was so great about yesterday???? Yesterday I remembered all employees have a $20,000.00 dollar life insurance policy, paid for by our employer. God is Awesome all of the time! God worked it so that the letter would not be received until the day before the employee had passed away and his family will receive the money. Yea!!!!

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