Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't stop making flowers!

I saw these White Peony's on Pinterest and decided to give it the old Southern Gurl try. The tutorial I saw had yellow stamens but I used yellow food coloring with a dab of red in a small water bottle and just sprayed the center two coffee filters. On one of the flowers I sprayed the ends of the coffee filters on the other one I sprayed the center. I do like the one that had the center sprayed the best. I have made four of these and I will keep making them until I run out of coffee filters. The tutorial showed folding the coffee filter four times, I folded it three times and cut the ends into a ragged heart shape. I think I need to fill my craft room with these filters, what a lovely place it would be! Or maybe I will just have to go buy some more and make some for May Day.

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