Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paw's Bench

My Grandfather made this bench in 1972, it is 40 years old in May. Two of the legs broke off and it needed to be repaired so I decided to give it a shot. My neighbor cut down some big pine branches that were close to the electric line, what a coincidence I need that! I pondered the question "how did Paw do this? I figured he used a Wood Planer but I didn't have one so I will have to do it by hand. But wait, my wonderful Husband ordered me one and saved the day (super hero kind of stuff). I had to drill the old wood out of the existing holes and then shaved the wood down to size. I used a grinder to taper the wood at one end to fit in the holes. We used Gorilla glue to put everything back together and then it was time to match the stain. The old legs had black streaks running through them so my husband took a torch and gave the new ones some streaks. Two more coats of stain and a coat of clear poly urethane....BAM! Then we realized the old bench had felt pads to keep from scratching the floors, so off to the store I go for felt pads. The old bench leg had some the size of a quarter but I bought a sheet and cut them to size. One last thing...Paw always signed and dated his projects so I added my mark, VAL 12. I hope Mom likes it and if Paw is looking down from heaven I hope he's saying "you did good girl".   

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