Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Betsy Ross Costume

I love costumes. When you put them on you can be anybody you want to be. Jenny (my sister) is Betsy Ross today for History day at Alivia's School. Doesn't she look cute? She's got the cap, shawl, apron and skirt for the time period. The cap is just a 24" circle that I had sew two inner circles and ran ribbon through. The shawl is two long pieces tapered so she could tie it in the front. The skirt is two pieces of material sewn together and a ribbon draw string waist, so it can be pulled tighter or loosened. If its to long just roll the waist band, the apron should cover it anyway. The wearer must provide the shirt. What a fun way to learn about History. They also had a puppet show (set up in the back ground). She posted the picture on Face Book and asked who am I? Oh, Oh, Oh, I know, pick me, pick me. That was fun to see how many people would guess. Two cheers for Great Teachers!!

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