Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bacon or Sausage?

This weekend we were camping with my daughter Melanie and her family at Lake Somerville, Texas. It was hot but we still had a campfire. Last year there was a severe drought in Texas and you couldn't even say the word campfire. So I don't care if it's 100 degrees, I want a campfire!!! I brought out the marshmallows while my daughter brings out link sausage and pre-cooked bacon. What'cha gonna do with that I ask her. She cut the link sausage into chunks and sliced it open, but not all the way. Then she folded a piece of bacon up and stuck it in the middle and put it on the end of my roasting fork. OH MY GOSH, it was so good. The only thing that could be better than that was jalapeno sausage and guess what she had that to.....yum. I was so busy roasting and eating sausage I forgot to take pictures. It was good, Thanks Melanie. 

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