Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Crazy Squirrel

 My husband and I went camping with my daughter, Melanie, her husband, Dave and their two boys, Payton and Paxton. She brought the ingredients to make some Solar Cone Smores....yum. Paxton put marshmallows, mini chocolate bits, dry cake mix and sprinkles inside of the cones. Payton lined the inside of a pizza box with foil and taped two sticks inside to hold the lid at an angle. To hold the cones up we cut out the bottom of small cups. The wind picked up so we covered two rocks with foil and placed them inside the box to hold it down. I hear stories of people cooking eggs on concrete but smore cups take a little bit longer. As we were waiting for the marshmallows to melt and it takes a while, this crazy squirrel runs over in front of us and grabs one of our smores and takes off under the travel trailer. He is sitting under the travel trailer just eating that smore, I hope he gets fat. Thank God my daughter made more than enough smores to go around or I might just have to go after him. Now we have to guard the rest of the smores from the crazy foaming at the mouth squirrel. Well, it's not really foam just melted marshmallows. Just a note for anyone who tries this, the marshmallows inside the cup melted but the marshmallows on top did not seem to be melted at all. I ate one anyway! I just want to say "Thanks" to the Attaway's for the smore experiment.

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