Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bat Cave

I read an article the other day, "Secrets of a Mad Scientist Laboratory" and that started me thinkin. When I was young, next to our house was an overgrown lot and my older brother pressed through the grass and made a maze. I remember walking through the maze to the end where there was a piece of cardboard on the ground, I sat down and was so tickled to make it through the maze. OK, so there was only one way in but for me it seemed like such a wonderful adventure. You ask, "what does that have to do with the bat cave"? Well its all about IMAGINATION or lack of it nowadays. My brother and cousins were full of it and I had the benefit of being allowed to follow them. My cousins made a bat cave at the back of their property with old scraps of tin they found. The thought of a real bat cave like batman had excited me down to my toes, I couldn't wait to get a peek inside. I think about it now and there wasn't much to it except for our imaginations. We even had a circus in their back yard, complete with snacks. I do believe the boys caught the imagination bug from my Dad and his brother. My dad climbed up in this big tree and set up a zip line for us. Now most dads wouldn't have done that because somebody is gonna break something. But we didn't and it sure was fun. All I can say is teach your kids to use their imagination, don't help them to much, it may fall apart but that is how they learn. 

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